Personality Development Workshop

Teachers training programs and personality development workshops are an integral part of Aspire International School. The school had organized a ‘Personality Development Programme’ by Ms. Swati Naidu on 13th November 2018.

The programme commenced at 10 am and concluded at 3:30 pm. The entire teaching and admin staff along with the Principal of the school, Ms. Rashmi Shendre attended the same. The programme aimed at training the staff in various aspects like ‘Volition’, the power of free will, image building, effective team work, leadership qualities, positive thinking and good communication skills. The workshop had been well designed with personal interactions, group discussions and fun filled activities. Ms. Swati Naidu as always created a very open atmosphere with her charm and expertise for everyone to learn so much in the most lucid ways.

All staff attending the workshop extended their heartfelt thanks to the management of Aspire for taking the initiative to help them become better personalities and good representatives of the school.