1. What board exams will the school offer?

The school will offer IGCSE at Grade 10 level, when Grade 10 is introduced. The Academic Year 2021-22, the school is offering admission for Nursery to Grade 9 only.

2. What are the standards or grades for which admissions are open?

Admissions are open for the Nursery, LKG, UKG, 1 to 9 grades.

3. Who can apply to study in the school?

The following criteria are applicable for a child to be eligible for Admissions –

Pre – School: The child should complete 3 years of age as on 01 September of that academic session. LKG: The child should complete 4 years of age as on 01 September. Grade 1 onwards: The child should have passed the qualifying examination for the previous grade.

Find out more about Admission Procedures and Eligibility  

4. What extra-curricular activities are offered?

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities in keeping with is vision of promoting all round education. Art, Music, Dance are a part of the curriculum.

In addition, regular activities such as Debate and Elocution are conducted in order to promote Public speaking skills.

The school will also regularly conduct and participate in both in-house and inter-school competitions like Essay writing and Art competition to give opportunity for creative expression.

5. What is the sports infrastructure available?

The campus includes facilities for various sports including – Basketball, Football, Throwball, Volleyball, Athletics track, Cricket nets, Indoor Badminton and Table tennis, and Gymnastics.

6. What will be the average classroom strength at ASPIRE?

ASPIRE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will not have more than 35 students per class in order to maintain a healthy Teacher: Student ratio of 1:20 and ensure that every child gets personalized attention in class.

7. What is the admission procedure?

ASPIRE offers admissions on first come first served basis. Application forms can be collected from the school during working hours once they are available.

Please fill in the Admissions Enquiry form on our website if you wish to be intimated when forms become available.

8. Will the school provide its own transport arrangements?

Yes, ASPIRE will have its own fleet of buses for students and staff to commute on pre-designated routes.

Trained bus staff will ensure that discipline on the buses is maintained and emergencies are handled. To ensure safety of all students, the buses will originate inside the campus, and students will board the buses and alight from the buses under the capable supervision of the campus administrator.

9. What are the core values that ASPIRE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL stands for?

Our school stands for the following core values which we believe have to be part of not only the students but the faculty and indeed each and every member of the institution.

  1. Achievement and Accountability
  2. Self Discipline and Self Determination
  3. Life Long Pursuit of Learning
  4. Integrity and Inclusion
  5. Respect and Responsibility
  6. Ethos of Excellence