Faculty Development Programme

‘Education imparted by heart can bring revolution in the society.’—- Abdul Kalam.

Aspire International School had organized a ‘Faculty Development Programme” by Ms.Swati Naidu on 18-06-2018.

The programme commenced at 10 am and concluded at 3:30 pm. The entire teaching staff along with the Principal Ms. Rashmi Shendre attended the same. It was a power packed programme that trained teachers in various aspects like image building, the ‘Power of Now’, Mind map, good personality traits, team work and leadership qualities.

The workshop had been well designed with personal interaction, group discussions and fun-filled activities. Ms. Swati Naidu exhibited her skills and expertise as a life coach by creating a very open atmosphere wherein teachers freely discussed their difficulties and shared their personal experiences. She made it easy with her open and straight forwardness.

Such ‘Faculty Development Programmes’ helps in enriching the quality of a teacher and enhancing their teaching skills.  The programme also boosts their realization that they belong to a noble profession which builds other professions.