Beyond Academics

Sports and Games

We believe that the learning process needs to include activities to develop overall personality of student, not just academics. Sports and games are therefore, a requisite and integral part of the school curriculum.

The campus includes facilities for various sports including – Basketball, Football, Throwball, Volleyball, Athletics track, Cricket nets, Indoor Badminton and Table tennis, and Gymnastics.

Sports and Games!

An ASPIRE GRADUATE needs to have the skills of initiative, leadership, collaboration and problem solving.   These skills are best acquired in team sports. ASPIRE hopes to inculcate in every student the awareness of the how important regular physical activity and fitness is in carrying them through all the vicissitudes of life.

Sports are compulsory for all students from KG onwards. For the younger children, sports are a means to develop basic motor skills and learn to have fun with games. In Grades 5 to 7, students will receive exposure to multiple sports as well as Track & Field under the guidance and supervision of expert coaches.

Extra-curricular Activities

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities in keeping with is vision of promoting all round education. Art, Music, Dance are a part of the curriculum. In addition, regular activities such as Debate and Elocution are conducted in order to promote Public speaking skills. The school will also regularly conduct and participate in both in-house and inter-school competitions like Essay writing and Art competition to give opportunity for creative expression.