Aspire International Kids Fun Filled experience with Mother Nature

At Aspire, we believe that excursions are not only a perfect way to expand one’s horizons, promote learning through outdoor interaction and experiences, but at the same time it also instills a sense of appreciation for the wonders of Mother Earth. Another important objective of planning excursions is to provide an opportunity to teachers as well as students to take a break from their mundane schedules and bond with each other.

The students, teachers and staff of Aspire International went for their annual excursion on February 1,2019 to Makar Dhokra, a place amidst nature. The entire day was packed with fun filled activities like trekking, rope climbing, rain dance and various games along with tasty sumptuous meals for all to enjoy. The students of 8th and 9th grade stayed back with a few teachers for the night to experience jungle safari and camp fire while others returned the same day.

It was an incredible experience for all. The students, teachers, and admin staff members extended their gratitude to the management of the school for giving them such a memorable experience.