Fee Structure


All fees are payable in Rupees.

Fees to be paid at Aspire School Office.

Please read our Admissions Policy carefully.

Fee details

a) Admission fee : Rs.5,000/-

b) Term and Tuition fee for Grade 1 to 10 : Rs.40,000/-

c) Term and Tuition fee for Kindergarten : Rs.25,000/-

Term and Tuition Fees to be paid in three instalments.

Books set details: Given below is the approximate cost of books:

Grade Approx amount in Rs.
Nursery 2200
LKG 2300
UKG 2350
I 3500
II 3600
III 3800
IV 2400
V 2500
VI 3500
VII 3700
VIII 3850



School Uniform

*No uniform for kindergarten children *There is formal uniform & sports uniform for rest of the students.

 Formal uniform is to worn on Wednesday’s only

Boys   Girls
Battle Grey TrousersWhite Shirt, School Tie & belt School socks. Black action shoes with velcrofor Grade I to IV. Black Action shoes with lace for Grade V to X.  

Battle Grey box pleated A-line Skirt White Shirt,School bow & belt Black hair bands,black clips & ribbons School socks. Black Action shoes with velcro for Grade I to IV. Black Action shoes with lace for Grade V to X.

Sports uniform on Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri

Boys & Girls

  • Track pants/shorts and T-shirts (house colour)
  • Black hair bands
  • Black clips & ribbons
  • White socks & white joggers sports shoes with lace for Grade I to X.