Core Values

Achievement and Accountability 

Aspire will be dedicated to teaching students to be involved, active learners, who work hard, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, establish clear goals, measure progress and become self-motivated and responsible learners.

Self Discipline and Self Determination

Hard work and self-discipline are essential components for success. Aspire will imbibe in students an urge to develop a strong work ethic and the internal motivation to persevere through times of challenge.

Pursue Life Long Learning

As the faculty continues professional and personal development, students are instilled with a sense of learning that prepares them for success in life and also impress upon them the need for an open mind that will enable learning as a continuous process.

Integrity and Inclusion

Act with good intent, straightforward in interactions, Practice honesty and Academic Integrity, accept diversity and uphold dignity of others who think, live and look different.

Respect and Responsibility

Regard for self and others and to be thoughtful and considerate to others. Be accountable for one’s action and meet all commitments

Ethos of Excellence –

Quest for excellence in all aspects of school activity is the effort to do one’s best and to seek to continually improve and thus create an exceptional environment for teaching and learning.