ASPIRE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, an initiative of the Sar-la Education Trust, offers new age delivery of education that promotes learning without compromising on inculcating a spirit of competition. The school only delivers an International (IGCSE)  syllabus, the 1st International School in Nagpur with the IGCSE syllabus. It is delivered in a student friendly manner with a focus on enhancing understanding and retention. In academic year 2020-2021, the school offers admissions from Nursery to Grade 10 and more grades will be added each year.

Aspire School is a student-centered community with a dedicated and caring faculty, small classes and an education that recognizes each student as an individual. We seek to make learning a lifetime passion. We hope that our students will become readers who love the beauty of the written word or thinkers who are excited by understanding a complicated scientific process – not simply students who know the correct answer on an exam. We balance traditional academic requirements with activities in the areas of music, dance, arts and physical education.

Aspire seeks students who can meet the academic challenges of our curriculum and who will contribute positively to the quality of life at the school.